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Cartonnage Box corner clips small (set of 4)

Making boxes using cartonnage technique, or traditional box making is so fun, and has never been so easy to put the box together! 

These clips can be our "third hand" and help us make sure the box will be build square and in the correct position. Lots of fun!

This set contains 4 of the small clips, the colors may vary.  Use when building the box making sure they are straight and neat. 

The clips are designed to work with chipboard up to 100 points. 2 models included will fit only one layer of chipboard, and they will be used to make the box. The last model has one side for single layer and another side for double layer, and it was designed to make dividers that are made using thicker chipboard for more stability and beauty. Check the website /videos to see how to use them.