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Multi function box short DIY kit, cartonnage kit 221a

The kit DOES NOT include hardware. See shop supplies section for some options.

This DIY cartonnage Kit comes all cardboard you need to make your own Multi function box as shown in the pictures. You can add ribbon and make it into a "magic box" or, add hardware to make it into a function box. The pieces of chipboard and poster board are precut in the correct sizes you need for this project. The finished box will be 6” x 4 ½ ” x 2 ½”. With this DIY kit there is no worries about cutting thick chipboard. The chipboard used in this kit is 100 point (0.1 in) thick, extra heavy, so this box will be very sturdy and well finished! Fabric, hardware or ribbon and other contents showed in pictures are not included.

For making the box you will need this kit, two coordinating fabrics (1 fat quarter each), Glue All (Elmer's), rotary cutter, cutting mat,  paint roller, paint brush, plastic spatula, masking tape, scissors, and hardware or ribbon of your choice. The cartonnage tool -corner miter tool - is very recommended for this and any other cartonnage project. Check the tools section of the shop.

We also have a great selection of unique fabrics, check our fabric section.